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Dental Blog

Discover More about Oral Health through the Island Tower Dentistry Blog

Get Insights into General and Cosmetic Dentistry from a Leading Marco Island Dentist

At Island Tower Dentistry, our goal is to offer you the best possible oral health advice and services that we can, which is why we feel compelled to share our extensive knowledge with you through our blog. We hope that you will enjoy learning about general, cosmetic and emergency dentistry, as much as we enjoy sharing this specialized knowledge.

As some of Marco Island’s most respected dental professionals, Dr. Hermann J. Schulze, DDS and Dr. Josephine Perez, DMD have long been trusted dental resources, fielding countless questions about dentistry and oral health. Over the years, Dr. Schulze and Dr. Perez have learned that patients treasure their smile and are eager to protect it. That is why they have created this blog to assist you in better understanding many of the ways to improve and safeguard your smile.

This blog includes valuable information about how to maintain better dental hygiene, why our dentists recommend certain procedures, and how we strive to make your visit as beneficial as possible. While we work hard to provide as much accurate and reliable information as possible, we know that you will likely still have questions. That is why we encourage you to post your questions or remarks online, as well as bring them up at your next visit. We also hope that you will discuss these topics with your family and friends, so that they too can benefit.

  1. What you don’t know about dental insurance isn’t going to kill you, but it may take an unexpected bite out of your bank account. Thus, if you’re part of the estimated one-third of Americans without dental insurance coverage, you should learn everything about the topic before opting into a dental insurance plan. Likewise, if you … Continue reading What You Don’t Know About Dental Insurance
  2. Porcelain veneers are used to repair minor damage in teeth like chips and cracks, and a range of other tooth imperfections, whether natural, caused by accident, or age related.
  3. Smokers who can’t, or will not, quit the habit, should make a concerted effort to practice dental hygiene and health measures above and beyond that of non-smokers.
  4. If you or a loved one are suffering from missing or failing teeth, Island Tower Dentistry is now offering one of the most advanced dental implant prosthetics available in America today.
  5. Everyone knows that regularly scheduled dental checkups and cleanings are one of the keys to maintaining healthy teeth and gums, but what constitutes as "regular?"
  6. Oral health and diabetes are linked because diabetes raises the risk of gum disease and other oral health impediments.
  7. Injectable fillers like Botox can significantly reverse the effects of aging on your skin bringing back lost volume.
  8. Without a doubt, one of the greatest scientific achievements of the 20th century was cracking the code of the human genome. Now, a simple DNA test can provide invaluable insight to doctors about the health conditions of their patients, helping them make better health care decisions. One way that DNA testing is particularly useful is … Continue reading Gum Disease DNA Tracking

606 Bald Eagle Dr. Ste 200, Marco Island, Florida 34145

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