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Discover More about Oral Health through the Island Tower Dentistry Blog

Get Insights into General and Cosmetic Dentistry from a Leading Marco Island Dentist

At Island Tower Dentistry, our goal is to offer you the best possible oral health advice and services that we can, which is why we feel compelled to share our extensive knowledge with you through our blog. We hope that you will enjoy learning about general, cosmetic and emergency dentistry, as much as we enjoy sharing this specialized knowledge.

As some of Marco Island’s most respected dental professionals, Dr. Hermann J. Schulze, DDS and Dr. Josephine Perez, DMD have long been trusted dental resources, fielding countless questions about dentistry and oral health. Over the years, Dr. Schulze and Dr. Perez have learned that patients treasure their smile and are eager to protect it. That is why they have created this blog to assist you in better understanding many of the ways to improve and safeguard your smile.

This blog includes valuable information about how to maintain better dental hygiene, why our dentists recommend certain procedures, and how we strive to make your visit as beneficial as possible. While we work hard to provide as much accurate and reliable information as possible, we know that you will likely still have questions. That is why we encourage you to post your questions or remarks online, as well as bring them up at your next visit. We also hope that you will discuss these topics with your family and friends, so that they too can benefit.

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  1. But did you know that about 30 percent of all orthodontic patients in the U.S. are adults, and that orthodontics involves more than just straightening crooked teeth?
  2. While most everybody wants to be able to flash a pearly white smile, that perfect white smile is not necessarily natural, as few people are genetically predisposed to having bright white teeth.
  3. While most everyone understands what cavities are, and know how they are treated with fillings, people tend to know less about root canal infections and their related treatment.
  4. The link between functional dental health and its benefits to overall health have been well established, but did you know that the cosmetic element of dental health can boost emotional well-being?
  5. nown as “xerostomia,” dry mouth is a decrease in the amount of saliva produced in one’s mouth. In fact, salivary flow tends to decrease in most individuals as they age, and many people experience excessive dry mouth due to age-related medical conditions and medication side effects.
  6. In the past few decades researchers have found a definitive link between oral health and specific diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and rheumatoid arthritis, to name a few. Researchers have determined that stress can lead to or exacerbate a number of oral health problems.
  7. Occlusion is important to oral health because the jaw and its muscles can generate massive force with the bite, sometimes up to several hundred pounds of force per square inch.
  8. While occasional bad breath and its more chronic form—commonly referred to as “halitosis”—may strike most as a rather modest affliction, more than 140 scientists and clinicians from around the world have been researching causes and cures since 1993.

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