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Marco Island
General Dentistry

Marco Island

General Dentistry

Private Concierge

When you arrive for your scheduled concierge appointment, our office will be closed to all other patients to minimize person-to-person contact as much as possible. We offer all cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry services privately. Our office staff will work with your schedule to find the time that makes you the most comfortable. We can schedule during normal office hours, after hours, or Fridays depending on the dental services being performed.

Bite Analysis

The manner in you bite can have a massive impact on your overall oral health. The bite force generated by the jaw bones and muscle can easily damage your mouth if that force is not evenly distributed among the upper and lower teeth. Bad bite form can lead to occlusal disease and should not be left untreated. Island Tower Dentistry can diagnose and treat all of your bite analysis needs.


In addition to its primary focus on ensuring optimal oral health, Island Tower Dentistry has always offered its southwest Florida patients cosmetic dentistry treatment options to improve their smiles and boost self-confidence. Teeth alignment treatment covers both elements of dentistry. Not only does it improve the look of one’s smile, but it also helps correct alignment issues that can cause teeth damage and compromise gum health.


Tooth extractions can either be simple or surgical. Simple extractions are used to remove teeth that are visibly present and can be removed by pulling. Surgical extractions rely on incisions through the gum to remove teeth that are not visible because they have not yet grown in or because of breakage. Island Tower Dentistry offers simple extractions as needed for its southwest Florida-area patients.

Root Canal Therapy

This therapy becomes necessary when the pulp inside of your tooth becomes inflamed or diseased. During a root canal, a dentist will remove the pulp and then clean and seal the tooth. Signs you may benefit from a root canal include, severe tooth pain, tooth discoloration or tenderness of the gums. At Island Tower Dentistry, a root canal procedure is pain-free and low-risk.

Implant Prosthetics

Leading dental associations recognize dental implants as the standard of care in tooth replacement treatment. Dental implants function the same as regular teeth as they are securely anchored in the jawbone to mimic a natural tooth root. Unlike classic dentures, there is a far lower risk of bone loss. Signs that dental implants may be necessary include, denture discomfort, missing teeth, dental bridges, and eating challenges. 



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