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What to Expect with Root Canal Therapy at Your Marco Island Dentist

If one of your teeth is causing chronic pain or the surrounding gum tissue seems inflamed, your dentist might recommend addressing the problem with a root canal. And while you may have heard mention of the dental term, many people don’t know exactly what root canal therapy is. While perhaps not as confounding as dental treatment terms like apicoectomy and curettage, the words “root” and “canal” raise more questions than answers for those unfamiliar with the treatment. With a bit of thought, you might determine that “root” pertains to the unseen part of the tooth that anchors it to the jawbone, but what is the “canal,” and what does the treatment entail with either of them?

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Marco Island Dentist Details Top Tips for Caring for Your Dental Bridge Work

You might be a good candidate for dental bridgework if you are among the estimated 120 million Americans missing at least one tooth. A dental bridge consists of one or more prosthetic teeth fused to a metal frame securely anchored between existing teeth to “bridge” the gap. While dental bridgework serves as a natural-looking cosmetic fix to restore one’s smile, it also provides functional benefits by maintaining existing teeth positioning and strengthening the overall bite, underlying gum tissue, and jawbone.

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Marco Island Dentist Details Difference Between Dentures and Veneers

If misalignment, discoloration, damage, or the loss of one or more teeth is impacting the beauty of your smile, your dentist might recommend dentures or veneers as an effective fix. You might know that dentures are often called “false teeth” and that veneers are rumored to give many Hollywood stars their “perfect teeth.” But what exactly are dentures and veneers, and which option will best help perfect your smile?

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