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Advanced Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is a great way to brighten up almost any smile. Whitening can help restore your bright smile after years of discoloration caused by cola, acidic foods, red wine, tobacco use, or any number of other food and drink staining. Professional whitening usually provides much more satisfactory results than over-the-counter or unprofessional options. At Island Tower Dentistry we provide customized and individually prepared whitening for our patients. And, should you have sensitivity, we have special ways to guide you through your treatment and we always provide follow-up assessment and treatment.


Dental veneers are a thin covering of porcelain placed on the tooth. Veneers can be placed for aesthetics or to address functional changes. They are typically placed on the front surfaces of front teeth, and used to change tooth shape and/or color, close spaces, or repair extensive decay. They can also correct the dimensions of worn teeth or repair damaged caused by trauma. Overall, veneers provide an effective means to restore proper form and function of teeth.

Cosmetic Dentures

Dentures may be a viable option for you. Our dentists have the skill set and attention to detail necessary to create a pair of dentures so realistic that nobody will know you wear them but you. Your custom cosmetic denture can be comfortable and offer the support your face needs for a natural looking and youthful appearance. Implants placed under your dentures are a fairly common option. This is because the implants will stabilize your dentures to allow for effective chewing. Dental implants can also allow you to regain lost sense of texture and taste by sometimes uncovering the roof of your mouth.

Gum Contouring

The contour of the gum tissue that helps frame your smile is a critical part of what makes a dazzling and beautiful smile. Our dentists are experts in creating an aesthetically pleasing gum structure by precisely and gently sculpting the tissue with a laser. Natural teeth can be artistically sculpted as well. Sometimes a more symmetrical smile can be easily achieved with this procedure.

Smile Analysis

Receive a full consultation at Island Tower Dentistry to design a smile that fits your desires and personality. Dr. Van Dyke is committed to your smiling satisfaction as he sees patients through the smile design process. During a smile analysis, the dentist determines the position, shape, contour, color and translucency of your teeth as well as what steps to take for improvement. Once you complete your Smile Analysis at Island Tower Dentistry, your Marco Island dentist will begin to chart the course for your complete smile makeover!

Smile Makeover

Design your dream smile with the help of Island Tower Dentistry. Visible aging of the teeth can be corrected so you can reclaim your confidence. Our dental team in Marco Island, FL has the skills, experience, and advanced dental technology necessary to completely revitalize your smile! Smile Makeover services include veneers, cosmetic dentures, advanced teeth whitening and cosmetic sculpting. Maintain a glowing smile with the help of Island Tower Dentistry.

Crowns & Bridges

Protect damaged teeth and the integrity of your smile with Island Tower Dentistry’s crown and bridge procedures. A crown is a cap used to restore a tooth to its normal shape. At Island Tower Dentistry, we implement modern porcelain crowns that resemble a healthy tooth. Patients with missing teeth can benefit from Dental Bridges, which help to preserve your natural smile. Dental bridges are used to provide structural support to the mouth where there are missing teeth maintaining both smile aesthetics and general dental health.  

Cosmetic Injectables

Correct the visible signs of aging and improve your smile aesthetics with our Cosmetic Injectable treatments. Anti-aging injectables employ a muscle relaxant agent that softens muscle contractions of the face and effectively smooths out wrinkles in the overlying skin. Smile lines are no match against cosmetic injectable treatments performed at Island Tower Dentistry in Marco Island, FL.

Dermal Fillers

Deep-seated smile lines, marionette lines, vertical lip lines and smoker’s lips can be greatly reduced with Dermal Fillers at Island Tower Dentistry. Utilizing hyaluronic acid, dermal fillers encourage moisture, volume and youthfulness on face skin. These injections can last up to one year from a single treatment. Reclaim your youthful confidence by adding fillers to your cosmetic dentistry treatments in Marco Island, FL.

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