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Gum Disease DNA Testing

DNA Testing determines if you are susceptible to gum disease. The test will also let our dentists know if you are currently suffering from periodontal disease by identifying pathogenic bacteria in the mouth. This test is incredibly important as periodontal disease significantly impacts numerous other aspects of your health.

Oral Cancer Screening

Early screening for oral cancer allows our dentists to more efficiently diagnose and treat our patients. The screening utilizes a VELscope System that only adds about two minutes to a typical exam, and is totally free of any pain or discomfort. By detecting oral health problems earlier, we provide our patients with the best dental health care available.

Dentistry for Diabetics

Patients suffering from diabetes have an increased chance of getting gum disease as well as other infectious diseases. Regular dental visits are an excellent way to prevent oral health complications. If you have diabetes and are planning to visit Island Tower Dentistry, please visit this page to make your dental visit as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Periodontal Treatment

Periodontitis is a serious gum and bone infection that can be life threatening. All new patients receive a thorough periodontal examination because of the direct link between dental health and overall medical health. With a simple test at Island Tower Dentistry, we can detect early signs of periodontal disease and provide the most up-to-date treatment to preserve your dental health.  

LANAP Laser Gum Surgery

Island Tower Dentistry has always held periodontal treatment and the maintenance of gum health among its highest priorities, and we’re excited to offer patients this incredible laser gum disease treatment. The innovative LANAP® protocol represents a less painful and more successful alternative to traditional periodontal disease gum surgery.

Oral Conscious Sedation

At Island Tower Dentistry, we are committed to your comfort. Oral conscious sedation is helpful for patients who with low pain thresholds, sensitive gag reflexes or need a large amount of dental work completed.  Experiencing anxiety before a dental exam is typical and that’s why at Island Tower Dentistry patients have the option to receive conscious administered by Dr. Van Dyke. The sedative can be requested in two strengths for a variety of calming effects.   

Dry Mouth Treatment

Dry Mouth, or Xerostomia, is a very common affliction within the aging population. Dry mouth symptoms range from unpleasant to unbearable and Island Tower Dentistry seeks to relieve our patients of Dry Mouth irritation. Without saliva, the pH balance within the mouth can become damaging to your dental health. Depending on condition severity, there are a number of treatments available at Island Tower Dentistry.



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