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Cosmetic Dentistry – Look Years Younger with Age-Defying Dentistry

You won’t have to change your wardrobe, drive a sports car, or get a face lift to look years younger. A fantastic new smile will bring youth and vitality back into your face! We’re in the era of age-defying dentistry and Island Tower Dentistry is at the forefront of the movement. Wrinkle creams alone are only temporary solutions to the problem, but a beautiful healthy smile is paramount to capturing a younger more vibrant face.

Meet our Dentist

At Island Tower Dentistry, Dr. Jonathan Van Dyke uses his talents to provide you with a stunning smile and a rejuvenated look. He has a passion for cosmetic dentistry and takes immense satisfaction in the way a beautiful smile can improve the lives of his patients.


These custom porcelain or composite shells are custom designed to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. As we age, our teeth can become yellowed, worn down, misaligned, or develop gaps between them. You may have one or even all of these issues with your smile that veneers can correct.


Dental implants are perhaps one of the most important services to mention. Missing teeth can cause bone deterioration. Deteriorating bone in the face can cause a sunken look that can add unwanted years to your appearance. Dental implants are the ideal remedy for this problem. You might be surprised how much younger you look with implants!


Whitening is perhaps the fastest and easiest way to fight back against an aging smile. Yellow or grey teeth can make us look older or unhealthy. Our professional whitening treatments will have you displaying your brand-new dazzling white smile!


You may be wondering, “why is my dentist doing Botox now?” The fact is, dentists are perhaps among the most qualified individuals to perform any kind of facial injections. Dentists are completely trained in facial anatomy in dental universities and they’re already well versed in handling injections in the most painless and efficient manner possible. Their intimate understanding of your facial structures and their relation to one another allow dentists to provide you with delicate precision and ideal results. Combining Botox, or Juvederm with your cosmetic or restorative dental procedures can make an incredibly positive difference in your outcome!


Juvederm and Botox goes hand in hand with our cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Juvederm is a smooth gel filler used to reduce and remove the wrinkles around the mouth and nose. It is made of hyaluronic acid and is naturally produced by the body. However, as we age, sunlight along with other factors reduces the amount of this hyaluronic acid in our bodies. This treatment will look and feel natural, especially when combined with dental procedures that can reduce wrinkles. Services like crowns, veneers, and implants are excellent candidates for use alongside Juvederm.

Restore your natural beauty

Any one of more of our services combines will work to rejuvenate your face and smile. Island Tower Dentistry has the professionals and a caring staff to suit your needs. Find comfort in your smile with our age-defying dentistry! Call now for a consultation!

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