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Island Tower Dentistry in Marco Island offers Botox along with other cosmetic dental treatments

4 Reasons to Consider Getting Botox™ at Your Next Dental Appointment

There is really nothing more beautiful than a great, confident smile. And at Island Tower Dentistry, we aim to help you achieve just that.

But as you’re probably aware, all that smiling – along with the natural aging process – can cause wrinkling to form around your eyes, nose, and mouth earlier than expected.

You see, as we get older, we lose skin elasticity and facial volume, which is what causes those “smile lines” to appear. Not only do these wrinkles age you, they can make you appear tired and worn out when you’re anything but.

That’s why Island Tower Dentistry offers in-office procedures that will give you the complete smile makeover you deserve.

Here are 4 reasons you’ll want to consider getting Botox™ at Island Tower Dentistry.

#1. Botox™ can take years off your appearance.

Injectable fillers can significantly reverse the effects of aging on your skin bringing back lost volume.

Here’s how it works.

Botox is gently placed in the belly of the muscle, this relaxes your muscles and gives your face a more youthful, smooth appearance. Additionally, Botox™ makes it harder for muscles underneath it to contract and cause new wrinkles.

While you can use Botox™ as a standalone procedure some patients see benefits in combining several aesthetic dental treatments, including:

  • Advanced teeth whitening
  • Cosmetic sculpting
  • Dental bonding
  • Dental veneers
  • Dental crowns and bridges
  • Dental implants
  • And more!

#2. Botox™ is a much easier process to undergo than plastic surgery.

Compared to plastic surgery, Botox™:

  • Is minimally invasive;
  • Has fewer side effects;
  • Results in little down or recovery time;
  • Is a quicker procedure, usually taking under an hour at an in-office visit; and
  • Is far less costly.

#3. Island Tower Dentistry professionals are qualified, trusted providers of Botox™.

We have over a decade of experience working with Botox and other fillers, such as Juvederm™, Restylane™, Perlane™, and Voluma™.

Moreover, as dentists, we have been extensively trained in facial anatomy and supportive structure, bones, and muscles. We are also seasoned at offering gentle and precise injection.

An additional bonus is that you don’t have to waste time going to a second provider to complete your smile makeover. You can do a Botox™ injection right after another treatment, such as teeth whitening.

#4. Botox™ can alleviate pain. (AKA ‘Therapeutic Botox™’)

Finally, Botox™ can be used to relax muscles and reduce muscle spasms and contractions that lead to jaw pain or headaches in those suffering with TMJ or bruxism (teeth grinding).

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Do you want to learn more about how Botox and other injectable fillers can drastically improve your appearance? We’re here to answer your questions and make you look as youthful and vital as you feel. Let Island Tower Dentistry help you achieve the smile makeover you deserve. Contact us today at 239-394-1004.

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