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Benefits Of Cosmetic Dentures from Island Tower Dentistry


Sometime in the late 1950s or early 1960s, Canadian hunter and inventor Francis Wharton shot a deer deep in the backwoods of British Columbia. Lacking teeth, Francis filed down the deer’s teeth, inserted them into a base of plastic wood, and affixed them to his gums with plastic cement. He then ate the deer and reportedly used his homemade teeth for the next three years. Francis’s feat was so impressive that those homemade dentures are on exhibit in Canada’s Museum of Health Care.

Nevertheless, most dentists of that era would have recommended that Francis seek traditional dentures fitted by a dentist. Indeed, in Marco Island, Florida, dentists Dr. Jonathan Van Dyke and Dr. Ryan Whelen agree that Francis likely would have been better off with professionally fitted dentures. However, they also note that the traditional dentures of that time had many drawbacks, including:

  • Easily stain
  • Prone to breakage
  • Wear down quickly
  • Unnatural looking
  • Difficult to get a comfortable fit

Some dentists still offer traditional dentures today, but Drs. Van Dyke and Whelen suggest that patients in need of teeth replacement in Southwest Florida should opt for cosmetic dentures instead. Cosmetic dentures are much more natural-looking than traditional dentures and have numerous other features that make them superior. Here is your guide to cosmetic denture benefits and options.


Cosmetic dentures represent the latest evolution of prosthetic teeth technology. They are made with state-of-the-art materials and custom-fitted with computer-aided design and manufacturing technology. Unlike traditional dentures, which have a uniform appearance and limited customization options, dentists can construct cosmetic dentures to closely match the appearance of natural teeth and gums and complement the patient’s unique facial features.


Traditional and cosmetic dentures benefit those with missing teeth by improving oral functioning. Dentures help restore the ability to chew properly, prevent deterioration of the underlying jawbone, support sagging facial features, and boost self-confidence by allowing for a full open-mouthed smile. The benefits of cosmetic dentures over traditional ones include:

  • Much more realistic and natural looking, with customizable color, translucency, shape, spacing, and size.
  • Precision fitted for optimal comfort and multiple options—bonding, implants, attachment points—for fixing them in place.
  • Stain-resistant, durable, and long lasting.
  • Better protection and support of the underlying jawbone.
  • Easy to maintain with brushing and rinsing.


The extent of tooth loss typically dictates what type of cosmetic dentures a patient chooses. The two cosmetic denture options are:

  • Complete or “full” dentures are to replace total tooth loss on the upper or lower jaw or both.
  • Partial dentures replace the loss of one or several teeth. They are usually created with a metal or acrylic framework to secure them between the natural teeth.

Your dentist may also offer you temporary traditional dentures to use while you wait for the fabrication of your new cosmetic dentures, dental implants, or dental bridgework.


If you’re suffering from tooth loss in Marco Island, Southwest Florida’s Island Tower Dentistry can restore the natural function and look of your missing teeth with cosmetic dentures. Our customized cosmetic dentures look so realistic that you will be the only one who knows you are wearing them!

For all your functional and cosmetic dentistry needs in the Marco Island, Florida, area, schedule an appointment today with Dr. Van Dyke or Dr. Whelen at 239-394-1004.

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