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Cosmetic Dentures Bring New Life to Your Face

Your smile is one of your most important facial features, and you deserve to take pride in it. Missing teeth can make it difficult to love your smile, and they can cause issues with eating and speaking. If left untreated, missing teeth could even cause deterioration of bone mass in the jaw. Thankfully, there is a solution that can help restore your confidence and comfort. Read on to learn more about cosmetic dentures and what they can do for you.

How the Smile Affects the Whole Face

A person’s smile can be a great source of pride, but it can also be a cause of insecurity or embarrassment.  Luckily, the technology behind cosmetic dentistry is improving every day, bringing you the most natural looking and feeling cosmetic dentures that have ever been available. A high quality set of cosmetic dentures from an expert dentist can create a fuller face, uphold your cheeks and lips, and even smooth out wrinkles. Everyone deserves a smile that they love. Get your self-confidence and youth back with a beautiful set of custom cosmetic dentures.

A Brief History of Dentures

Not many realize that dentures have existed for almost 3,000 years, with many versions throughout history consisting of human teeth, animal teeth, and wood. George Washington was said to have had wooden dentures although this is merely a myth. President Washington did wear dentures, but they were made from carved elephant and hippopotamus ivory. Even the last several decades have seen huge advancements in cosmetic dentures.

Types of Cosmetic Dentures

There is no one denture that works perfectly for everyone. Cosmetic dentures come in partial or complete options that are customized to fit your particular situation.

  • If you are only missing a few teeth, partial dentures may be the solution you need. Like retainers, partial dentures are held in place with a metal framework that can attach to your natural teeth.
  • If you have experienced total tooth loss, you may want to consider complete dentures. This type of cosmetic denture replaces the entire upper or lower row of teeth.

Your New Smile Is A Call Away

Losing teeth doesn’t mean you have to live without a stunning smile. Cosmetic dentures are created to blend in with the teeth you already have or give you a brand new look, and they look completely naturally. Our experienced doctors at Island Tower Dentistry can assess your unique needs and design cosmetic dentures that will be a perfect fit for you. Each smile is one of a kind, and we want you to live the confident and happy life you deserve. Call Island Tower Dentistry at 239-394-1004 and make your appointment today!

We’ll Keep Your Smile Looking Beautiful

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