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Finding the Right Marco Island, FL-Area Dentist

As one of the few people you allow to breach your personal space, the relationship you have with your dentist can feel like it’s among the most personal you have outside of your immediate family. While the personal interactions you have with dental professionals may be brief, there are undoubtedly few other people you would be willing to let stick their fingers and/or assorted tools into your mouth!

Given the personal nature of this relationship, if you need of a new dentist in the Marco Island, Florida area you’ll want to engage in due diligence to ensure that your new dentist will make you feel comfortable and provide you with top-level dental care. You need to consider a wide range of parameters when choosing a new dentist, so consider the following tips as a guide to finding your new Marco Island dentist.

Narrowing the Pool of Dentists in Your Area

The first thing you might want to do to kick start your new dentist search is determine potential candidates in your area. Local family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers can tell you about their experiences with the area’s dentists, and you can conduct an Internet search to find dentists in your area, with some results providing reviews, as well.

In narrowing the pool of dentists in your area you will want to consider various factors specific to you and your family’s unique needs, such as:

  • A location that works for either home or workplace accessibility.
  • Dental office hours that work with your family’s schedule.
  • Current and anticipated dental care needs of you and your family members—orthodontics or dentures, to name a couple.
  • The scope of in-office dental procedures offered.
  • Reasonable fees for common procedures.

Assessing Potential Dentists in Your Area

Once you have narrowed down the pool of potential dentists, you will want to evaluate them to see which one best fits your dentistry needs, as well as desire for comfort and top-notch dental care. You might want to start by determining what professional certifications your potential dentist has. Dentists certified by organizations such as the ADA—including those at Island Tower Dentistry—have already been vetted to some degree by showing a commitment to professional conduct and providing high quality dental treatment.

With your pool of potential dentists narrowing, it is probably time to initiate a consultation or trial appointment with a simple exam and/or teeth cleaning. Whether consultation or trial appointment, make sure to ask lots of questions and take note of the dental facilities. Among questions you should ask and dental office details you should take note of are:

  • Are the facilities clean and well organized?
  • Is the dental equipment clean and modern looking or does it look like it’s been in the office since the 1980s?
  • Are the dental staff attentive about wearing gloves and other protective gear?
  • Do you feel comfortable with the dentist, dental hygienist, and/or other dental office staff?
  • Are dental staff attentive to your questions and provide what seems to be solid advice and information relating to your oral condition?

If any of the answers to your questions or the condition of the dental facilities come across as negative, then it might suggest the need to keep assessing other potential dentists. But by following these tips you will undoubtedly find a dentist in your area that you feel comfortable with and who provides the best in dental care. Naturally, we trust that you’ll find that with our dentists at Island Tower Dentistry.

Need a New Dentist?—Island Tower Dentistry Has You Covered!

If you are new to the Marco Island, Florida area, or in need of a new dentist in the Southwest Florida area for whatever reason, consider the dental expertise and warm professional demeanor offered by the dental-care experts at Island Tower Dentistry. To learn more about how the Island Tower team can help you maintain the best in oral health, contact us today at 239-394-1004 to make an appointment!

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