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LANAP protocol laser surgery

Is LANAP® Protocol Laser Gum Surgery a Viable Option for Treating Gum Disease?

Patients with moderate to severe periodontal disease tend to dread the discomfort and pain associated with traditional treatment, whether scaling and root planing or more invasive procedures like gingival flap surgery and gum grafting. Such treatments are usually critical for halting the progression of gum disease to prevent further damage and potential tooth loss. However, there is another periodontal treatment you can turn to that effectively treats the underlying causes of the disease and promotes the regeneration of damaged tissues.

Available to Southwest Florida-area patients at Island Tower Dentistry, LANAP® protocol laser gum surgery requires no incisions or stitches and causes much less pain and discomfort than traditional periodontal procedures. First approved by the U.S. FDA in 2004, the LANAP® protocol has not yet been widely adopted by the dental profession. However, ongoing research suggests that the treatment may be more effective than traditional procedures for some patients. Marco Island dentist Dr. Jonathan Van Dyke believes that the LANAP® protocol is a game changer in periodontal treatment.

LANAP® Laser Surgery Kills Bacteria, Regenerates Tissue

LANAP’s® adjustable laser energy is delivered into the affected areas via a fiber optic tip inserted into the periodontal pocket between the tooth and the gum. This energy kills bacteria and destroys unhealthy, infected tissues without damaging healthy tissues. It also exposes and helps remove any plaque adhered to tooth root surfaces. Plaque that cannot be removed with the laser is removed with specialized scaling tools. The tissue ablation effect caused by the laser optimizes the tissue surfaces for healing, and a last pass with the laser creates a fibrin clot that connects the root surface to the gum and seals the pocket. This fibrin clot keeps food and bacteria out of the pocket during healing and helps stimulate new tissue growth.

The LANAP® protocol laser surgery is typically conducted over two appointments if both sides of the mouth are affected by gum disease. This allows for normal bite function on the non-treated side of the mouth and supports effective healing of the treated area. Depending on the extent and severity of the gum disease, each session can take up to two hours. Most patients experience temporary mild soreness around the treated area that does not call for any downtime. Some patients are fitted with splints to stabilize the teeth during subsequent tissue healing, and your dentist will schedule follow-up appointments to assess the effectiveness of the treatment.

LANAP® Protocol Benefits

While the LANAP® protocol has not yet become a standard of care treatment for periodontal disease, its effectiveness has been proven in clinical studies and dental practice. The key benefits of laser surgery treatment for gum disease include:

  • Non-surgical
  • No need for sutures
  • Optimal regeneration of bone and gum tissue
  • Limited gum recession
  • Low risk of post-operative infection
  • Long-lasting results
  • No downtime
  • Minimal pain, swelling, and bleeding
  • Rapid healing

Learn More About LANAP® Laser Surgery at Island Tower Dentistry

To learn more about LANAP® protocol laser gum surgery or other periodontal treatment options in the Marco Island, Florida, area, schedule an appointment with Dr. Van Dyke. To get an early start on combating this oral health concern that ultimately affects over 50% of the adult population, we also offer gum disease DNA testing to determine how susceptible a patient might be to the disease. For the best in dental health care in Southwest Florida, contact Island Tower Dentistry today at 239-394-1004.

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