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Dentures And Veneers

Marco Island Dentist Details Difference Between Dentures and Veneers

If misalignment, discoloration, damage, or the loss of one or more teeth is impacting the beauty of your smile, your dentist might recommend dentures or veneers as an effective fix. You might know that dentures are often called “false teeth” and that veneers are rumored to give many Hollywood stars their “perfect teeth.” But what exactly are dentures and veneers, and which option will best help perfect your smile?

Dr. Jonathan Van Dyke of Island Tower Dentistry can answer those questions, as has extensive experience fitting Marco Island, Florida, patients with dentures and veneers. Read on to learn more about these popular dental procedures, and if either seems like the right option to optimize your smile, book an appointment with the Island Tower Dentistry team.

What Are Veneers?

Dental veneers are thin material coverings bonded to teeth to mask imperfections and fill gaps, chips, or cracks. They can also be used to align an entire row of teeth or add substance to teeth worn down by grinding. Veneers can cover stains and discoloration that resist advanced whitening treatment and completely hide the damage caused by tooth decay or trauma.

Most dentists offer their patients porcelain dental veneers because of the material’s strength and ability to mimic the look and feel of natural teeth. Dentists can shape the porcelain to fit the unique contours of each tooth and tint the veneers to match the coloration of the natural teeth. Porcelain veneers are as strong as the underlying teeth, last 10 to 20 years, and are exceptionally stain resistant.

While not as robust, stain resistant, or long-lasting as porcelain, some dentists offer their patients veneers made from composite resin, which are marketed as a less expensive option. Note that their shorter working lifespan and tendency to stain within a short period of time, negates any cost savings. Island Tower Dentistry only uses composite resin veneers as a temporary placeholder to provide coverage while the patient’s porcelain veneers are being fabricated.

What Are Dentures?

While veneers primarily treat cosmetic dental issues, dentures are considered functional and cosmetic because they replace missing teeth. Dentures are removable prosthetic teeth made from porcelain or plastic composites and designed to appear indistinguishable from natural teeth. Partial dentures can be fitted to replace the loss of a few teeth, with the prosthetics custom made to match the remaining natural teeth. They are typically constructed with a metal framework and a small base that fits over the gum, both of which help keep the prosthetic teeth securely fixed between natural teeth.

Complete dentures are used to address total tooth loss or when there are not enough natural teeth to support partial denture placement. In this case, your dentist must remove the remaining natural teeth to fit the complete dentures. The prosthetic teeth in a full denture are affixed to a plastic or acrylic base that is molded to fit over the gums comfortably. The base, tinted to match the patient’s gum color, is held in place during the day with an oral adhesive.

Which Option is Right for You?

The primary difference between dentures and veneers is that veneers attach to the front and side of existing teeth, while dentures fill the void of missing teeth. Thus, veneers are not a viable option if you are missing teeth. Additionally, veneers may be unable to cover some types of damage or fill excessive gaps successfully. In such cases, removing the affected tooth or teeth and replacing it with a partial denture may be the only option.

To Learn More About Dentures and Veneers, Call Island Tower Dentistry

Island Tower Dentistry will gladly discuss restorative options with you if you need to correct a defective smile, whether due to misalignment, discoloration, damage, or tooth loss. For all your dental needs in the Marco Island, Florida, area, contact Island Tower Dentistry today at 239-394-1004.

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