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Porcelain Veneers Viable Option for Treating Teeth Imperfections

Dental veneers have come a long way since a California dentist Invented them in 1928 as a temporary means for changing the look of actors’ teeth. While Hollywood actors certainly still rely on them, veneers are no longer just temporary, and porcelain has emerged as the most durable and realistic looking material for making them.

Porcelain Veneers Used to Treat Cosmetic and Functional Issues

Along with creating the “Hollywood smile,” porcelain veneers are used to repair minor damage in teeth like chips and cracks, and a range of other tooth imperfections, whether natural, caused by accident, or age related. In fact, since the invention of porcelain veneers in the early 1980s, their application has emerged as one of the most popular procedures used in cosmetic dentistry. As a treatment for both cosmetic and functional issues, porcelain veneers are used to treat:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Worn down teeth
  • Stunted teeth
  • Uneven or lopsided smiles
  • Damage from tooth decay
  • Stains from whatever source
  • and the aforementioned chips and cracks

What Exactly is a Veneer, and Why Porcelain

A dental veneer is essentially a covering, or layer of material applied to the teeth. A composite veneer is directly applied to the teeth by a technician, while a porcelain veneer is indirectly fabricated in a lab and later bonded to the tooth or teeth. Porcelain veneers emerged as the more popular option due to the strength of the material and adhesion of the bond. Porcelain is also considered more realistic looking than composites, in part because it can be tinted to perfectly match the coloration of the patient’s teeth. Porcelain veneers can be made as full crowns that cover all coronal surfaces, or as a thin layer covering the front surface of the tooth. In either case, porcelain veneers, through their strength and durability, add a layer of protection to the underlying teeth.

Reasons to Consider Porcelain Veneers for Your Teeth

Sometimes teeth staining proves permanent, and not even the most advanced whitening treatments are successful at bringing back that pearly white smile. A row of porcelain veneers can fix this problem, and, at the same time, serve to fill in any small gaps, chips or cracks. Additionally porcelain veneers can be used to bring the full row of teeth into alignment, or add substance to teeth that are stunted or have been worn down by time or teeth grinding. And, if one or more of your teeth has been damaged by tooth decay, porcelain veneer crowns are often the perfect option for repairing the damage.

While porcelain veneers may not be able to fix major imperfections, such as big spaces between teeth or excessive misalignment, they are certainly an effective solution for many common problems that impact people’s smiles. Thus, if you have concerns about the look or function of your teeth, porcelain veneers might be an option for you to explore further.

The Island Tower Dentistry team of cosmetic dentists and dental assistants has an excellent track record of installing porcelain veneers and improving the smiles of its Marco Island, Florida patients. If you would like to see what the cosmetic team can do for your functional or cosmetic teeth issues, contact our office today at 239-394-1004 to make an appointment!

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