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Veneers as an Option Over Professional Whitening or Orthodontics

Most people associate dental veneers with the pearly white smiles of Hollywood actors. And while veneers are an integral part of cosmetic dentistry, they can also be used to address numerous functional issues, including:

  • Chips, cracks and splits
  • Worn down or stunted teeth
  • Tooth decay damage
  • Small gaps
  • Misaligned teeth

Of course, treating such functional conditions with dental veneers provides people a cosmetic bonus as veneers are designed to improve smile aesthetics. The bottom line is that dental veneers serve as valuable tool in both cosmetic and functional dentistry. Whether functional or cosmetic, though, the question of when to opt for veneers rather than other treatments, such as orthodontics or professional teeth whitening, often arises.

With long-standing expertise installing porcelain veneers in the Marco Island, Florida area, the dental professionals at Island Tower Dentistry are often asked this question. And the answers tend to vary based on functional treatment needs, aesthetic desires, and/or condition of the teeth and smile. Let’s take a closer look at veneers versus other options.      

Veneers Versus Orthodontics

Whether through traditional metal braces or the newer, plastic clear aligners, orthodontics is the standard of care for treating misaligned teeth. However, veneers can be used to create overlays between teeth that effectively masks minor cases of misalignment. In general, those with severe misalignment should consider orthodontic aligners over veneers, as not all misalignment can be corrected with veneers. Veneer work is also typically more expensive than orthodontics, which makes the latter the more economical choice.

That said, those with modest misalignment, or misalignment only affecting a couple of teeth, may want to consider veneers over orthodontics. Not only do veneers provide a quicker fix, they also help patients avoid the months- to years-long inconvenience of wearing aligners. Additionally, some people who’ve undergone orthodontic work finish the job with veneers. Depending on the individual patient’s case, aligners don’t always completely correct the misalignment, and rather than face another year or so with new aligners, veneers can be used to bridge the gap or otherwise cover the last hints of misalignment.

Veneers Versus Professional Teeth Whitening

As with veneers versus orthodontics, veneers represent the more expensive option when comparing them to professional teeth whitening. However, the whitening provided by veneers also lasts far beyond that of professional teeth whitening, which may only last for a year or so.

With that price difference in mind, other considerations often factor in when people choose between veneers or professional teeth whitening. For example, someone with a chipped tooth, cracks, a small gap, or minor misalignment may consider expanding any needed veneer work to also provide desired teeth whitening.

People also turn to veneers for whitening to correct natural discoloration of teeth or staining that cannot be corrected by professional whitening treatment. Because veneers can be tinted to match any shade, they are the perfect option for correcting discoloration that may be affecting only one or two teeth. Professional cleaning tends to make differences in individual tooth color stand out, while veneers can be used to give all teeth the same tint.          

Learn More About Porcelain Veneers from Island Tower Dentistry

The dental care experts at Island Tower Dentistry have long offered their southwest Florida patients porcelain veneers to correct functional problems and improve the look of their smiles. Whether a functional issue or aesthetics, our dental team can examine your teeth and smile to determine whether dental veneers are an appropriate option. To learn more about how Island Tower Dentistry can help you with any dental issue, contact us today at 239-394-1004 for a consultation.

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