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What is Island Tower Dentistry’s Smile Analysis and Makeover?

While your smile may only make up a small component of your overall physical look, it plays a leading role in your psychological health and well-being. Several studies have linked people’s self-confidence levels to the health and beauty of their smiles. Researchers have also determined that smiling helps release mood-boosting endorphins, relieves stress, and even lowers heart rates. In fact, one study determined that the health benefits of smiling are even produced when smiles are faked.

A healthy smile also plays a leading role in overall health. Researchers have determined that the number of teeth one has at age 70 may determine continued longevity. Those with less than 20 teeth at age 70 tend to die sooner than those with more than 20 teeth. Researchers are also finding links between unhealthy gums and teeth and numerous health conditions, including:

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Dementia
  • Stroke
  • Heart Disease

The bottom line is that having a healthy, beautiful smile pays dividends with our physical and psychological health.

Island Tower Dentistry Can Assess and Improve the Look of Your Smile

In conjunction with assessing the functional components of your mouth, Southwest Florida’s Island Tower Dentistry can review its aesthetic features with a smile analysis. In conducting this analysis, Dr. Johnathan Van Dyke closely examines:

  • Positioning of mouth, jaw and teeth
  • Condition of teeth and gums
  • Color and translucency of teeth
  • Assessment of teeth in relation to facial shape and size, as well as skin color
  • How much of the teeth and gums show while smiling

Based on the analysis, Dr. Van Dyke works with you to customize a proposed smile design based on aesthetic desires and ensuring that any subsequent smile makeover work is natural looking, long-lasting, and will improve or maintain the functional components and health of your mouth.

Follow Up the Analysis with a Smile Makeover

Your smile analysis design may recommend any number of different cosmetic corrections used for a smile makeover, including:

  • Advanced Whitening
  • Veneers
  • Dentures
  • Cosmetic Sculpting

Most smile makeovers at Island Tower Dentistry include advanced whitening. Our customized whitening options can treat everything from moderate discoloration to the most stubborn stains.

Veneers are permanently affixed to the surface of each tooth to provide detailed cosmetic changes. Porcelain veneers can cover extensive decay, restore worn surfaces, correct dimensions, and block whitening treatment-resistant stains. They are colored and shaded to perfectly match existing teeth, maintained the same as natural teeth, and last for decades.

Today’s technology allows dentists to create dentures that look and feel so natural that no one but you will know that you are wearing them. Dr. Van Dyke might also recommend the placement of implants to better stabilize the dentures for a more effective chewing surface. Our comfortable denture-to-implant options also help negate the need for denture adhesives and related maintenance.

Because the contours of the gum tissue frame the teeth, your smile analysis may recommend cosmetic sculpting to improve your smile’s overall look. Island Tower Dentistry gently sculpts gum tissue with a laser to reduce excessive gum tissue, improve contours around teeth, and repair receding gum tissue. These non-traumatic laser sculpting techniques can make a big difference in the symmetry and exposure of your smile.

Get Your Smile Analysis and Makeover at Island Tower Dentistry

Dr. Van Dyke has extensive training and expertise in cosmetic dentistry that complements his functional dentistry skills. He is proud to offer his Marco Island-area patients the best in dental health and improve their reasons for wanting to smile. To learn more, consult Island Tower Dentistry today at 239-394-1004.

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